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About NetXInvestor®

As a flexible online platform that offers secure and instant access to your account, NetXInvestor® allows you to manage your finances from one single login at any time. Innovative and self-service tools such as account opening, asset movement, trading, and eDelivery enable you the freedom you desire to rest easy about your investment portfolio. Streamlined as an all-in-one account access, NetXInvestor® keeps your financial access available at any time, from anywhere. 

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NetXInvestor® Features

Beyond being a streamlined platform that offers flexibility and reliability, NetXInvestor® can help you:

  • View your account, tax statements, and trade confirmations through eDelivery access
  • Allow you 24/7 reliable access to your account, portfolio, statements, and more
  • Preview your complete account summary 
  • Pay bills in one simplified platform
  • Explore knowledgeable content on stocks, markets, funds, etc. 

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