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About Totus Wealth Management

Totality as a whole is superior to its elements. Totus Wealth Management is a different kind of wealth management firm, one focused on the totality of your financial portfolio. Our philosophy is built on the idea that we consider the totality of your financial portfolio and goals so we can provide more comprehensive guidance. Totus Wealth Management works with you to understand your goals, earn your confidence so we can help you navigate the complexities of life and live the life you can imagine.

Core Values Driving Our Team


We create strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals.


Years of experience have prepared us to guide you through your life transitions.


Trust. Honesty. Integrity. We believe values matter, and we live by ours every day.


Want to learn more about retirement, social security, or estate strategies? We have a wealth of resources.

We Help Advisors Grow. 

Join the team.

Totus Wealth Management is built to help you offer a full suite of practice
management tools. Stop going it alone and focus on building your practice
and the work you love and leave the rest to our highly capable team
of professionals.

An Integrated Process to Simplify the Complex


During this time, we want to learn more about you and share more about our process and approach. We will ask you to collect documents and inform us of your financial situation.


We want to determine what is important to you and what keeps you up at night. We will work with you to prioritize objectives and strategies for the future.


We will assess your current plans, investment strategies, insurance and all available assets.

Develop a Plan

We will provide a detailed overview of our recommendations. We want to ensure that you understand your investment options and that you are comfortable with the recommended course of action.


Once we develop a clear roadmap, should you choose to work with us, we move the plan into action. We will execute necessary paperwork and begin to implement your precise plan.

Monitor & Adjust

We will continue to meet at conveniently scheduled intervals to review progress toward your long-term financial goals. This also gives us visibility into life changes and adjustments we need to make pursuing your future success.

Organize Your Personal Documents for Loved Ones

Download a helpful guide to organize your personal and business records in one place. Complete the pages and store the document either electronically or on paper in a secure location. Communicate to your loved ones where you store important documents so they will be easy to recover.

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Independent and Backed By Strong Partners

Our Process

We are affiliated with Cetera Advisors, one of the premier broker-dealers in the industry. As our broker-dealer, they are responsible for executing trades on your behalf. Like all broker-dealers, they must undergo regular auditing, and are required to meet specific net capital requirements to ensure they can meet their obligations to investors like you.

Our History

Pershing LLC is a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, the nation’s oldest continuously operating bank, and one of the world’s leading providers of securities services. Pershing custodies brokerage accounts for Cetera Advisor Networks, including brokerage accounts with IRAs, and provides related administrative services, including settlement of purchases, tax and account record keeping, monthly statements, confidentiality and data integration.

Live the Retirement You Can Imagine

One important step in personal finance most people never take is getting their affairs in order. This guide is designed to help you understand how to assemble the critical details of your financial life so you can focus on living the life you want to live.