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Live the Life You Can Imagine

Becoming a Totus Network Partner means you have the freedom to build the lifestyle and business you’ve always imagined.

You’re Ready for Independence. We can help.

You’re Ready for Independence. We can help.

We work to find what is right for you, for your family and for Totus.  The success of independent service models has grown tremendously in the past few years.

Are you ready to make the change? Now is your time.

Our Passion for Your Success

Our Passion for Your Success

When you partner with Totus, you can trust that we will value and respect your identity and independence, but you can also trust that you’ll have a community backing you, supporting you, and rooting for your success at every turn. We’ve supported hundreds of advisors, and we’re here to support you, too. 

Drive Growth in Your Own Practice

Gain the freedom to create the business you imagined for yourself when you first started. Grow your business with the support of a network.

Grow as Part of the Totus Team

Bring your unique spirit and drive to a community of like-minded partners. Let’s see what we can create and become, together.

What Can We Do Together?

Connect with us today to learn how our network can help you build your business your way.


Fastest Growing Firm in 2022

We’ve done it before, and we’ll continue to help practices grow. If you are looking for something better, it may be time to join our growing team. 

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