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Family Wealth Management Strategies

All clients want to make smart decisions and are concerned with planning for retirement and ensuring their wealth will last. Totus Wealth Management offers comprehensive strategies to help clients live the life they can imagine, both today and tomorrow.

Financial Independence

Our clients desire to be financially independent, meaning they do not have to work to pay their expenses. They have reached the place where they can choose how and what they do in their lives. We work with clients for years through planning and goal development to develop a plan they are confident in and that allows them to stay the course. Through investment management, asset allocation, inflation management and tax strategies we give people more confidence knowing we are pursuing the best course of action for their lives.

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Retirement Planning

Many of our clients are approaching and preparing to transition into retirement. Retiring comfortably, free from financial worry, is a focused concern for many people. We develop unique and holistic retirement strategies properly designed, implemented, communicated, and monitored. We know that through the many stages of life needs change and we must look ahead if we are going to help our clients reach their goals.

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Estate Planning

Some believe only wealthy individuals and families need to worry about estate planning or living wills and trusts. The reality is, everyone has an estate of some kind and we encourage our clients to discuss building a plan to minimize taxes and ensure your wealth transfers in a way you would like. Totus Wealth Management works with a diverse group of individuals that work together collectively to deliver solutions for anything life may bring. Allowing our clients to plan for the transition of their assets and ensure minimal impact from taxes and fees so their wealth is passed along to the next generation.

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Insurance can be an important part of a financial strategy and protects clients’ heirs in the event of their death, illness, or disability. We are extraordinarily holistic and help clients determine type of coverage at every life stage that is best for them. We offer a wide array of insurance products, including term life, whole life, universal life, variable life, survivorship, single premium, long-term care, and disability income insurance.

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Family Planning

The goal of financial planning is to help individuals and families determine the life they want to live today and tomorrow. We help determine why they want to invest, how to manage their wealth, and how to plan for the future they want to live. Everyone has a dream and we work closely with our clients to unlock their dreams through goals and desires. We work to understand where you are now and what it will take to reach your desired outcome across the many stages of life.

Is Your Insurance Coverage Protecting You?

As an independent firm, we take the time to figure out what our clients need, and what exactly they don't. The correct insurance coverage can vary on your situation, but unfortunately, it's common that you've aligned yourself with an incorrect policy. Take some time to fill out the form below, and we'll set up a 30-minute no-obligation review of your insurance coverage to help you pay for what you need, and not what you don't.

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Gain Financial Focus with a Free Holistic View of All Your Accounts

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