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Big Plans for Your Small Business

Personalized Benefits Built for Your Company

Personalized Benefits Built for Your Company

Imagine running your small business the way you imagined — focusing on your business plans instead of your employee retirement plans. Through our ERISA retirement planning services, we’ll assume the responsibility and fiduciary role for running your employees’ investment plans, while taking the same, focused approach we use for our individual clients. We’ll also take care of the finer details, like keeping up with the latest industry and compliance regulations, giving you more time and confidence to focus on your other business operations.

Dynamic Retirement Plans for Your Employees

Plan Management

Managing your workplace retirement plan can be complicated and time consuming. Minimize your liability and lean on our experience for managing your employee retirement plans. At Totus, we’ll take on the fiduciary role, help keep your plan in compliance, and work to help you deliver the best-fit plans for your employees.


Totus will help you establish a cadence for reviewing and evaluating your workplace retirement plan. Through careful, routine analysis, we’ll help you stay on top of industry regulations and help you design and deliver ideal plan options for your employees. We’ll also help you make plan adjustments as your business grows and your needs change.

Investment Management

We take the same focused, unique approach to employee retirement plan investments as we do with our individual clients. We carefully evaluate the performance of each investment to help ensure they meet or exceed the requirements of your investment policy statement, and we make adjustments to these investments as needed.

Employee Education

We believe that educating your employees on their workplace retirement plan and the options available to them often results in higher plan participation, better overall results and higher satisfaction. We offer group presentations, one-on-one consultations, and ongoing support as your business grows and new employees join your company.

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