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Investment Management

Welcome to Smarter Investment Management

Welcome to Smarter Investment Management

At Totus, we understand that behind every financial goal is a personal value and a dream, like spending more time with family, traveling, or taking care of your loved ones. When you trust us with your investment management, you’re already moving towards smarter investment management. Your Totus financial advisor will:

- Take the time to listen to you and understand your goals and values.
- Help educate you and guide you through investment decisions to keep you on track toward the financial future you can imagine.

How We Create Your Portfolio

How We Create Your Portfolio

Your Totus financial advisor will use their extensive knowledge and experience, Totus resources, and academic market research to identify the ideal asset allocation strategy to create your portfolio in a way that coincides with your preferences and helps you pursue the life you’ve imagined.

- Time-tested investment strategies personalized to suit your portfolio, objectives, and time horizon.
- Ongoing oversight of your investments as we monitor the performance of your portfolio.
- Open communication regarding performance and recommended adjustments to keep you on course.

How Totus Builds Your Personalized Investment Portfolio

We discover where you want to go, design a plan and devise a strategy to help you get there, and monitor and adjust to keep you on course. And we tailor our process and approach to suit your preferences.

Discover Your Dreams

As world-class discoverers of the dream, we’ll give you the confidence to imagine the life you want. We’ll help you look beyond the immediate and into what’s possible and desirable.

Design Your Custom Plan

Based on your values, desires and big dreams, we’ll help you understand your needs, priorities and risk tolerance. Then, we’ll help you clearly define your specific goals and objectives.

Create Your Portfolio

To build your custom portfolio, we’ll work with you to understand your preferences as we determine the most appropriate investment managers and strategies to help you pursue your goals.

Portfolio Management

We’ll determine your ideal combination of investment vehicles and help you balance your portfolio intelligently. We consider rates of return, your risk tolerance and the suitability of each manager option.

Your Portfolio Diversification

Your Portfolio Diversification

Your Totus investment advisor leverage the most appropriate investment managers coupled with smart investment strategies designed to support the pursuit of your goals and suit your preferences.

-Design custom solutions that can include a variety of investment vehicles, like Mutual Funds, ETFs, alternative investments and more.
-Conduct academic market research and provide diligent oversight of managers and portfolio performance to enhance our strategies.
-Leverage the knowledge and experience of our diverse team to provide informed guidance for every investment vehicle, asset class and strategy.

Your Financial Vantage Point

Your Financial Vantage Point

With Totus Wealth Management, smarter investment management doesn’t mean complicated investment management. In fact, we can help you simplify your financial vantage point. Link your investment accounts, bank accounts, and other assets and liabilities through AdviceWorks ™. You’ll have a clear picture of your financial health and progress toward your goals, all in one place. Plus, your financial professional will have a holistic view of your situation as well, so they can provide you with more personalized guidance so you can get where you want to be.

Live the Retirement You Can Imagine

One important step in personal finance most people never take is getting their affairs in order. This guide is designed to help you understand how to assemble the critical details of your financial life so you can focus on living the life you want to live.