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Starting Out on Your Financial Journey 

Your Roadmap to the Life You’ve Imagined

Your Roadmap to the Life You’ve Imagined

When you’re first starting out, you probably feel like you have many demands on your time — and money. You want to have confidence for the road ahead and whatever it brings. But planning and providing for yourself and your family in the short and long term can feel overly complex and, at times, a bit overwhelming. The financial planning professionals at Totus Wealth Management can help you chart a course for your financial journey to help you pursue the life you’ve imagined.

How can I prioritize and balance the competing demands on my finances, like funding immediate needs, versus saving for my child’s college education or saving for retirement?
What would be the impact if I quit working and stayed home with my child for a year or two?
How much will my child actually need for college when the time comes?
How can I make sure my family will be provided for in the event of my death, or if I am unable to work?

Everything You Need to Establish Yourself

Financial Independence

Investment Management

College Planning

Family Planning

Organize Your Personal Documents for Loved Ones

Organize Your Personal Documents for Loved Ones

Download a helpful guide to organize your personal and business records in one place. Complete the pages and store the document either electronically or on paper in a secure location. Communicate to your loved ones where you store important documents so they will be easy to recover.

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