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Destiny Nelson

Destiny Nelson

Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Houston, TX

As our Talent Acquisition Coordinator here at Totus, Destiny helps ensure that the independent partners who join our team have a smooth transition from start to finish. Every day she works to improve that experience for the partners she serves. As Destiny goes about her work, her mission is to bring value and positively impact the lives of others.  

Destiny assumed her current position at Totus in May of 2021. Prior to this move, Destiny worked as a Senior Recruiter at MassMutual where she first met James Starnes in June 2020. Soon after, the two of them made the move to Totus in 2021. Destiny has also served as an Executive Recruiter, Sales Manager, and Business Developer at other firms. Before making her way into the financial services industry, Destiny worked in hospitality, where she honed useful management and interpersonal skills which have proven to be valuable assets in her current role.

Since joining the Totus team, Destiny has quickly adopted our shared vision and embraced the company culture. She enjoys her work because she believes in what she and our team do for clients and other financial professionals who have joined or might join the growing ranks of Totus’ independent partners. What drives Destiny’s commitment to excellence is seeing like-minded professionals — who, like us, believe in the Fiduciary Standard — succeed when they join the powerful Totus network and our caring community.