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Independent But Better Together

Independent But Better Together

The benefits of being independent are many, such as customization, technology and client service—and ultimately the ability to offer objective advice. The popularity and success of independent advisors working together has grown tremendously in the past few years and they offer many benefits for advisors to work together for the collective benefit of their clients.

Focused On Your Journey

Independent Firms Working Together

Supported independent models are on the rise as they allow for greater freedom and control, but as network partners, they never have to go it alone.

Offering Conflict-Free Advice

Independence means only offering the services that fit instead of pushing pre-established solutions, thus empowering clients to make confident decisions.

Access to Powerful Technology

Access to award-winning technology allows you to quickly view financial accounts in one place, share important information, and measure progress all from a single login.

Why Your Advisor is Part of the Totus Network

We are a powerful network and a caring community made up of unique and independent individuals and businesses. We believe in and understand the intrinsic value of independence, but we also know the power of community. When you work with a network partner, you can trust you are gaining the collective knowledge of a community, supporting your advisor, and rooting for your success at every turn.


We are highly experienced professionals. Our diverse team has over 60 years of experience and with our unique “Better Together” approach, we work in unison to serve our clients as a team. When you’re part of our network, you’re backed by a powerful community with an impressive track record of experience and success.

Conflict-Free Environment

We believe in ethical practices and the ability to offer objective, independent advice to all clients. As a Totus Network Partner, your advisor will never be obligated to push proprietary products and services. They have the freedom to craft solutions around the unique needs of individual clients, always putting your best interests first.

Welcoming Culture

Honor, dignity and respect are central to our way of business and we believe in the collective wisdom of our network. We pride ourselves on being extraordinary, collaborative and dream-oriented. The Totus Network is the total package and you’ll be backed by powerful partners and a caring community of like-minded professionals.

Extraordinary Team

We are a different kind of wealth management group, focused on the collective potential of our community of professionals. We believe that together we can do more, create more, connect more and see more dreams realized. Glad you are part of a network of support and collaboration like no other.

Independent and Backed by Strong Partners

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